WADCS, Inc. 

      The West Atlanta / Douglas Choral Society (WADCS), Inc. 

The West Atlanta / Douglas Choral Society (WADCS), Inc., a non-profit / tax-exempt organization, under the direction of Artistic Director / Conductor Waverly Rainey and its Board of Directors, has experienced remarkable community response to its distinguished concert seasons of superb performances. The Choral Society, both musically and administratively, has accomplished a very high level of choral professionalism and is comprised of singers who were chosen by audition to be a part of this prestigious group.  Three concerts are projected for the Choral Society each year, periodically including works for chorus and orchestra, as well as responding to potential high profile invitations to perform at key Atlanta venues representing Douglas County.  The Choral Society also serves the community by establishing a music scholarship fund and complimentary tickets for special charities. The 2016 - 2017 Concert Season celebrates and affirms both their third decade and twenty eighth (29th) concert season for a quarter century of successful programming and community service as the longest and largest serving chorale in the area representing Douglas County and West Atlanta / West Georgia.   

         Visionary planning has included special projects such as accepting an invitation in 1998 to perform on television for one of Atlanta’s Christmas highlights at The Fifty First Annual Lighting of “The Rich’s Great Tree At Underground Atlanta” representing Douglas County as one of Atlanta’s premiere formal chorales. Proposals include a performance of John Rutter’s “Gloria”, another world premiere since our project with composer Daniel Pinkham, an England tour with concert organist Hector Olivera, and other exciting projects.  Some of these wonderful opportunities, like the March 1998 performances of “The Durufle’ Requiem” and “Goin’ Home” (From the Largo of the Symphony “From The New World”, Op. 95) by Anton Dvorak   and a world premiere by Daniel Pinkham (world renowned twentieth century composer), may include professional partnerships utilized before between  The WADCS, Inc., The State University of West Georgia Concert Choir, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Personnel, Hector Olivera (world renowned concert organist), The Douglas County High School (DCHS) Performing Arts Hall, The Cathedral of St. Philip (extended Atlanta, Georgia home for special projects), and The Townsend Center For The Performing Arts (Carrollton, Georgia).  Concert programming generally includes a variety of audience favorites consisting of sacred / secular seasonal choral and instrumental repertoire (Classical, contemporary, Broadway musical, and spiritual choral anthems to solos, etc.). Periodically, special guest artists / groups are invited to expose and educate our audience to a variety of other personnel and music in a professional environment.           

Exciting programming for the 2000 Easter / Spring Concert included 
WADCS, Inc., featured guest artists “The United States Army Ground Forces Concert Band” which tours and performs for the U.S. President, and Dan Titus (Number 1 “Best Georgia Piper”--Great Highland Bagpipe).  As part of our organizational / educational philosophy, WADCS, Inc. negotiated for them to implement a Performance / Master Class for  approximately 600 High School Band / Choral students in our community.  Also, WADCS, Inc. represented Douglas County as the formal chorale for “The Georgia Citizens For The Arts” Annual Conference in February 2000.  This event was  the largest state
arts / political gathering in Georgia where the Governor, State Representatives, and Senators are traditionally present plus 800 artists / community representatives.   From 2003 to 2005, the WADCS Chamber Singers performed for the Annual Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet, as the event was finally  moved back to this community. The internationally renowned “Atlanta Boy Choir”, “Atlanta Young Singers of Callanwolde”, “Georgia Boy Choir”, “Georgia Regional Girls Choir” have also been featured in the chorale’s concerts. The eclectic variety of programming also includes performing with the world renowned Palmetto State Quartet (Southern Gospel Ensemble) for two Easter / Spring Concerts in 2005 and 2006. Through WADCS, Amy Little (Atlanta Opera Soloist) has performed in their complete 2009-2012 Concert Seasons.  In addition, informational updates for our chorale includes Artistic Director / Conductor, Waverly Rainey, has completed a three year term of being appointed through the Governor’s agency of the Georgia Council For The Arts to serve on their music panel and still assists periodically. Likewise, WADCS presented “Artistic Reflections On WWII, U.S. Aviation, & The Tuskegee Airmen” in 2009 to honor and remember our veterans and troops.           

The chorale also initiated performance proposals to both the Atlanta Committee For The 1996 Olympic Games / Cultural Olympiad program, and secured Dr. Jeffrey Babcock (Director) and Alexander Aldrich (Music Director) for their Christmas Concert Series.  Concert organist, Hector Olivera, has performed with and contracted mutual invitations to record the Mozart Requiem, implemented a highly successful concert tour in April 1993 to North Carolina with WADCS, Inc., and entertained a proposal for an England Tour.  The WADCS,  Inc. and The Philadelphia Brass co-commissioned “The Creation Of The World” (based on the Genesis Story and Psalms) by Daniel Pinkham, in which a ‘World Premiere Week’ was sponsored in November, 1994 by the Choral Society, conducted by Waverly Rainey 
(Artistic Director / Conductor), performed with the brass quintet and The State University of West Georgia Concert Choir with the composer present, and  narrated by Georgia actor, Dan Biggers.  Performances were at The First Presbyterian Church (Douglasville, Georgia) and The Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip (Atlanta, Georgia--Benefit Concert for their Homeless Project) with Master Classes led by the composer and brass personnel for approximately one thousand high school / college students.           

The WADCS, Inc. has also performed in historic Douglas County projects including the old and new Court Houses and the National Music Foundation  (Dick Clark - Chairperson).  International involvement has included christening the new Chateau Elan hotel at “The Lighting Of The Chateau” representing our community at Georgia’s twentieth largest event in the southeast.  The chorale also hosted twenty former Soviet Georgians in the 1990 Friendship Force Exchange, The Pirosmani Quartet and Concert Pianist Tamriko Lordkipanidze with the Sister City Exchange, building a respectable foundation of international friends as well as exploring a potential Choral Music Exchange Tour (CMET)  with a conservatory in Tbilisi, Former Soviet Georgia.

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