WADCS, Inc. 


As with the other Arts, the West Atlanta / Douglas Choral Society, Inc., a non-profit/tax exempt organization, depends on and needs the help of the  Douglas County and West Atlanta / West Georgia community to insure the continuance of its promise to bring the best in choral/orchestral music to its audiences.
As we project continued growth for this season, your financial support will be crucial as we seek to be influential representatives, serve the children, youth and adults of our community and pursue upcoming proposed projects.
You can contribute any time of the year.
Please make your check out to WADCS, Inc. and mail to:

PO Box 6471, Douglasville, GA 30154.

Please let us know how you would like for your name to read in the upcoming program and if it is being given in "Loving Memory Of" or "In Honor Of".

Appropriate receipts and concert tickets will be mailed to you.

Categories                   Dollar Amount   Complimentary Tickets

Conductor's Circle         $1000.00 and up             10 
Golden Baton                   500.00 to 999.00           8
Benefactor                       300.00 to 499.00           6
Sponsor                           200.00 to 299.00           4
Patron                             100.00 to 199.00           2
Contributor                          50.00 to 99.00           1
Member                               10.00 to 49.00           1* 
                                                        *(for patrons first concert only)
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